The Phantom Lute
Status: Completed
Director: TU Chong-hsun
Cast: CHIA Ling, SEK Fung, TIEN Fung, NGAI Ping-ngo
Genre: Thriller Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1975
Running Time:
A retired official Yang Tsong-shan is struck by poverty and illness, his only daughter Hsiao Feng makes a living by going out singing and playing lute. A local tyrant named Chao Kao has an eye on Hsiao Feng’s beauty and performing skills. He attempts a romance with Hsiao Feng but gets refused. Then, he tries to scare Hsiao Feng but ends up killing her and has to burn her corpse. Miraculously Hsiao Feng’s lute is hardly impaired from the fire. The lute goes around and finally gets back to Yang.