Men in a Blue Mood
Status: Completed
Director: 葉偉英
Cast: 王喜、李子雄、張慧儀
Genre: Drama Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 2003
Running Time:

(The winner)

Tai Keung is a hotel security guard.  He has surprising strength and likes to use violence.  Kwok Wai adores Keung.  He looks for Keung every day as he wants to learn to be a true man.  Keung finds him annoying.  Wai nearly drives Keung mad.  Keung suddenly realizes that one may not win with violence.


Chi Kei is a feminine gentleman while his neighbour Wah is strong and amiable.  The two persons have become good friends.

One day, they are having liquor together.  After Wah has had much wine, Wah embraces Kei to show love.  Kei is afraid.  Wah takes off his clothing to reveal her female identity.  The two of them match perfectly as Wah is masculine and Kei is feminine.

(True love).

Mo Wah has sexual relations with many girls and indicates a couple can be together with true love.  His mother is scared of being alone and he gets his male friend On to accompany her.  Mo loves a foreign girl and takes her home to see his mum.  His mum’s behaviour is strange.  Mo blames his mum for not accepting a foreign girl.  To his surprise, he discovers On and his mum are in love.  This time, Mo finds it difficult to take On as his father.