Fighting Fist
Status: Completed
Director: CHAN Lai-ying Casey
Cast: HU Sibelle, CHIN Kar-lok, LO Wai-kwong Ken
Genre: Action Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1992
Running Time:
Todo, a Japanese undercover detective, is under order to eliminate the drug lord Jimmy Li in Hong Kong. He mixes himself into the gang’s headquarters as a drug trafficker and kills the 3 sons of Jimmy. At the same time, Julia, an anti-drugs police officer in Hong Kong, with her assistant Teddy, is also in the process of investigation after they learn that Jimmy’s going to have a drug dealing with some Japanese mafia. For avenging his son, Jimmy sends the killer Chai to kill Teddy and hunt Todo down in Japan. Julia also arrives in Japan for investigation. Now a deadly fight is about to take place.