In A Tangle
Status: Completed
Director: LIANG Chao
Cast: FAN Wong, LIU Hua, LI Yu
Genre: Drama Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 2010
Running Time:
 Yoga teacher Mili is a sweet-tempered and simple girl that firmly believes in eternal and true love that fairy tales tell about. Unfortunately she’s fallen for a bad-looking upstart named Yang Baocai, the golden bachelor. In a sense she really becomes the protagonist of a fairy tale similar to “Beauty and the Beast”.

Yang, however, can’t help suspecting his girlfriend of going out with him just for his money. Thus he breaks up with Mili, dumping all the souvenirs of their love as garbage. But two ragmen accidentally discover considerable value in these abandoned items and try to sell them at high prices. The film proceeds along with two lines that are tangled hilariously and reveals the human warmth in a big, cold city.