The Little Hero of Shaolin Temple
Status: Completed
Director: TANG Chen-dah
Cast: CHIN Tin-chi, TONG Sing, HAU Lu
Genre: Martial Arts Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1984
Running Time:
With the collapse of the Ming Dynasty, an orphan prince of Ming is hidden in the Shaolin Temple. After the Qing Dynasty is informed, the emperor summons all the monks from the Shaolin Temple to the palace, leaving a group of young monks in the temple. The Qing princess takes the chance to send assassins to kill a monk with a red mole in the sole. But the abbot has already prepared for this by marking a red dot in every boy monk’s foot. The princess goes so mad for being cheated that she orders a crowd of masters to besiege the Shaolin Temple in attempt to kill all the boys.