A Chilled Spring
Status: Completed
Director: LI Zu-nan
Cast: CHING Han, TING Pei Betty
Genre: Drama Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1980
Running Time:
 Multi-talented designer Wai Ming is stationed in the mountain of Phoenix, designing an internationalized park for the government. His girlfriend, Pak Lai who loves singing doesn’t enjoy the life in the mountain. For that, they fight a lot.

One day, Pak Lai has to leave Wai Ming’s home to plan for her performance overseas. Weng Weng is a beauty but she has an incurable disease. Her parents love her so much and send her to the mountain for vacation. They meet by coincidence and enjoy each other’s company. But it doesn’t last long. As soon as her mother finds out about it, her mother objects to her seeing Wai Ming again. Weng Weng sneaks her way to the mountain to look for Wai Ming. Unfortunately, at that time Wai Ming is told of Pak Lai’s car accident when she’s on her way back to the mountain. She dies of falling off the cliff. The whole family finally finds the overtired Weng Weng. She looks like she’s about to die. They realize life is so short.