The Wicked Lady
Status: Completed
Director: XU Yu-long
Cast: LI Tao, LI Chiang, WANG Pao-yu
Genre: Erotic Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1988
Running Time:
During the offering to the Goddess of Nuwa who repaired the wall of heaven, King Zhou led all chancellors to pay tribute to Nuwa by offering incense. However, attracted by the statue of Nuwa, he wanted to marry Nuwa and later wrote a frivolous poem about her. That angered Nuwa. Nuwa predicted that the dynasty of Yin Shang would end very soon, she sent off three sprites to Yin Shang and turn the dynasty upside down. They were Millennium Fox sprite, Jade Pipa sprite, and Nine-headed Chicken spriteā€¦