Unreal Dream
Status: Completed
Director: KONG Yeung
Cast: CHAN Wai-man Michael, KO Fei, CHAN Li-li
Genre: Drama Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1983
Running Time:
Lee Cheung, Siu-eng and Oi-lin are illegal smuggling to Hong Kong. Oi-lin gets bit by a stray dog and arrested by a police officer named Sa Pei Gau . Oi-lin is bailed out by her aunt. Lee Cheung and Siu-eng are rescued by a subordinate of Sa Pei Gau, and taken to the downtown of the city to meet their friends Song Kwan and Lai Hung who also smuggled to Hong Kong. Sa Pei Gau is not willing to give up, he sends his subordinate Hak-sham to capture Siu-eng, and to chase and hunt down Lee Cheung and his fellows…