S for Sex; S for Secrets
Status: Completed
Director: Jil WONG
Cast: Annie LIU, Pak Ho CHAU, Jacquelin CH´NG, Ho Man Philip KEUNG, Jeana HO, Kabby HUI
Genre: Drama Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 2015
Running Time: 100
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCF4wzqXhH4&list=UUL11YtW4vLz50PIL9qi7luA

A Lifetime Marriage is Deliberately Planned

Po and Hung have been married for just one year. They are supposed to live a happy marriage life like a honeymoon. However, their sex life is not going well. The couple seeks solutions respectively but it only causes more conflicts and contradictions in between them.

Sze Wing and Kwok Bon have been married for years, and they are considered the marriage role models in the business, entertainment and celebrity world. But what people do not know is that Kwok Bon is a sex addict. While Sze Wing is frustrated about Kwok Bon's issue, a young suitor gets in between the couple...

The stories depicted by these two couples are utterly different, but the issues they deal with happen to every couple in reality.