Flame of Desire
Status: Completed
Director: WANG King-cheung
Cast: JAN Bing-shi, FAN Joey
Genre: Erotic Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1993
Running Time:
Ting Ting and Keung’s best friend, Little Leopard, drug Ching Man and rape her together. Afterwards, they keep blackmailing Ching Man. After being blackmailed several times, Ching Man decides to suffocate Ting Ting to death. Ching Man’s husband, Ming Tak returns home from his business trip, and finds out his wife is pregnant. He is shocked because he knows he is impotent and cannot get his wife pregnant. After asking, he finds out Little Leopard did this to his wife. Therefore, he plans his revenge by luring Little Leopard to the warehouse and kill him…