Liu Chai Ghost Story
Status: Completed
Director: WANG King-cheung
Cast: CHUNG Ping-wing, LEE Chung-ling
Genre: Erotic Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1993
Running Time:
Ho Kwan and Mau Tan are so perfect for each other. But Ho Kwan is very rich and fools around with Hung Sau all the time. Hung Sau has her eyes on Ho Kwan’s fortune and aims to replace Mau Tan. Hung Sau works with a Taoist priest and puts a spell on Mau Tan. Mau Tan gets help from a Buddhist priest and dodges it. Seeing that, Hung Sau gets poison from the Taoist priest. She has Mau Tan take the poison. The poison works, her face festers and dies. Ho Kwan and Hung Sau put a jade into Mau Tan’s mouth in order to keep her spirit from leaving…