A Lustful Night
Status: Completed
Director: TSUI Guong-shing
Cast: FAN Joey, TSUI Po-Lum
Genre: Erotic Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1993
Running Time:
Shum Chuen and Yue Yu are a couple in a great relationship, which makes Guen very jealous. Shum Yuen is about to go to Beijing for an exam. If he does well in the exam, he will go to his in-laws with his wife and tell them the good news. On the outside, it looks like he and Yue Yu love each other so much. But the truth is he is having an affair with Miss Cheung. When Yue Yu finds out about their affair, she argues with him. Seeing them arguing, Miss Cheung picks up a pair of scissors and punctures Yue Yu. He and Miss Cheung get panic and run away…