Gold Rush
Status: Completed
Director: YIU Tin-hung
Cast: OSHIMA Yukari, XU Jin-jiang, TSUI Chung-shun
Genre: Action Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1999
Running Time:
10 cases of gold are stolen from a gold field in Hainan Island. Hung comes to Hong Kong with an ad hoc group to join hands with Hong Kong police to investigate the case. The pile of gold is stolen by workmen Keung and Biu in collaboration. Hang, the partner of Biu, schemes to kill Biu in attempt to plunder the goods but gets killed by Biu instead. Hung finds out Biu is his own sworn brother who has been missing for years. Smuggler Lui Tin saves Biu’s life in a hot pursuit by the police and guarantees to finish Hung and others for Biu.