Ghost Lover
Status: Completed
Director: CHIEN Yue-sang
Cast: CHIEN Siu-ho, LEE Mary, CHIEN Yue-sang
Genre: Thriller Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1991
Running Time:
It’s a moving and sad love story. A rich man’s daughter Lian-Hua and an official’s son Shi-Long make a perfect couple. Before they’re about to get married, Shi-Long’s dad is dismissed from office and banished back home. The couple is separated from each other over ten years. Lian-Hua misses Shi-Long so much that she becomes too ill and dies, which makes Shi-Long heartbroken. One day, the spirit of Lian-Hua appears and Shi-Long insists on marrying her although she’s dead. Shi-Long’s friend Chang Tie is strongly against the idea and invites a Taoist to expel her spirit. After twist and turn, Shi-Long succeeds in having the wedding with Lian-Hua…