Sexual Fire
Status: Completed
Director: CHAN Hung-hoi
Cast: LAM Wai, LEUNG Wan-yui Anglie, CHUNG Fat
Genre: Action Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1991
Running Time:
Having come down in the world with the family, a girl named Fung-Chan is married to a rich young master Tsang Wing-Wah. But Wing-Wah rapes her bridesmaid Hao-Chu who is thus pregnant. To cover the scandal, Fung-Chan makes Hao-Chu marry to someone else. The old master of the Tsang’s says, if Fung-Chan’s firstborn is a boy, he’ll let her manage all Tsang’s property. On the day of production, Fung-Chan gives birth to a girl, so her chaperon replaces her daughter with Hao-Chu’s son as planned, and Fung-Chan has the whole family of Hao-Chu burnt to death...