Monkey (The Masked Warrior)
Status: Pre-Production
Genre: Action Collection
Year: 2013
Running Time:

Tai, a guy own a small unique Thai restaurant called 'Hanuman' selling only 'Tom Yum Kung' in the center city of Shanghai.  He was quiet and full of unknown story behind him.  But he was kind to support any poor people around him.


Life goes on as usual until Pietro, a big gamble mafia, appears and wants more land which is surrounding his Mega Hotel project.  He forces everyone around to sell the land and no exceptional, 'Hanuman' is included.  Moreover, Pietro creates the big fighting event to draw people to fight in his 'Pit of Death' with his fierce fighter.  To make his event more interesting, he creates some dramatic story to draw local people to fight in the pit with his fighter.  Then, the rampage begins.  Team up with the local ambitious gangster, Afei, the whole community is in need for help and justice.


Lee, a young Chinese guy who was the waiter in the restaurant with the help of unrevealed White Monkey, fight to protect the dignity of China under the Monkey Masked.