Ripples of Desire
Status: Completed
Director: Zero CHOU
Cast: YEN Jerry, CHENG Joseph, CHEN lvy, CHEN Michelle, YAM Simon, NG Sandra
Genre: Drama Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 2012
Running Time:

The dazzle customers with their firtatious duets and tantalizing beauty.  But older sister Xiao Xue already has someone she's very fond of.  Her much more practical little sister Xiao Shuang thinks it's ludicrous and doesn't want to see the idealistic Xue jeopardize everything they're sacrificed so much for.  Besides, Xue is developing an unspeakable disease that if exposed would surely ruin both of their lives.


Shuang's scheme to convince Xue that love is a fool's game entangles them with unscrupulous pirates, a philandering husband, a vindictive wife and kidnappings and murders.  It's a tale of treacherous love and erotic desires riddled with perverse and unexpected developments.