A Man Beyond Horizon
Status: Completed
Director: NG Tin-chi
Cast: LOK Cliff, TANG Ching, SEK Kin, SUM Chi-wah, KWAN Chun, SEK Siu-kin, SUNG Gam-shing
Genre: Action Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1973
Running Time:
The son of Fong, Siu-kong, is a man of chivalry with great kung-fu skills. One day, the family of Master Wong, who lives a life by performing on the streets, is harassed and wounded by Big Brother Ma. Siu-kong happens to there and rescues them. Since then, Family Wong and Big Brother Ma become enemies. With the help of Siu-kong, Family Wong opens a kung-fu training school. They might have left the harsh life of performing on the streets behind, troubles never seem to leave them alone……