Monkey Fist
Status: Completed
Director: SYUN Ka-man
Cast: CHAN Sau-chung, GANG Jun-fat, SEK Kin, TIEN Fung, MA Chien-tang, HON Yee-seng, WAN Man
Genre: Martial Arts Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1974
Running Time:
The lead role is played by the real life monkey fist master named Chan Sau Chung, who also lent a hand in the fight choreography. The story is about a Chinese patriot whom they call “comrade” Chan is arrested by a corrupt government official named Chow Li Ming (Shih Kien) for not wanting to join the army. While Comrade Chan is locked down in jail, he watches out of his window a “monkey” show. Chan then decides to teach himself Monkey gung fu.