An Unforgettable Day
Status: Completed
Director: CHEUNG Mei-kwan
Cast: CHIN Chiang-lin, LIN Ching-hsia
Genre: Eternal Star Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1979
Running Time:
Rumor has it that there is gold left since Sino-Japanese War in the R07 tunnel of a mining area. Boss Jin arranges for a demolition expert Sha Meng-hsiung (Chin Chiang-lin) to work in the tunnel, attempting to find a chance to detonate the pit secretly. Working in the infirmary of the mining area, Tien Yu-chiu (Brigitte Lin) is a kind and loving female doctor who is adored by the locals. Gradually he falls for everything in the district and starts to feel guilty for the plan of detonation which might endanger the livings of locals.