Part-time Lady
Status: Completed
Director: WONG Yau-sing
Cast: SUEN Tong, CHAN Poo-kei, CHUI Bo-lun, CHO Cha-lee
Genre: Erotic Collection
Language: Chinese
Year: 1993
Running Time:
Cab driver Poo Tien-liang, a retired cop, gets to know bartender Lily by driving her and her friend around the city all night before dawn. Next day, it’s found that Lily’s female boss Fanny Lin is killed by poison on the bed at home. Lily and her friend have alibi for riding on Poo’s cab. The police once judge that the bartender is the most suspicious. After exhausting investigation, they discover a ship crash case of 10 years ago which has contributed to the death of 4 of 5 family members.